The Three Countries Bridge

The asymmetric arched bridge of steel construction was built in 10 months in 2006. Total weight is more than 1,000 tons. Construction costs of appr. 10 million Euros were equally borne by the two owners, the Communauté de Communes des Trois Frontières and the town of Weil am Rhein. Financing was also provided through grants from the European Union, the Land of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the Departement of Haut-Rhin, the Region of Alsace and the town of Huningue.

Before the bridge was opened to the public in March 2007, a vibration test involving 600 people was performed in January 2007.
The bridge was inaugurated on 30 June and 1st July, 2007 during a spectacular bridge festival.
Since then, the Bridge has been awarded major prizes like the German Bridge Award 2008 (Deutscher Brückenbaupreis), as well as the highest international award, the Arthur G. Hayden Medal.


Feichtinger Architectes, Dietmar Feichtinger, Paris Leonhardt, Andrä & Partner, Stuttgart and Berlin


Deutscher Brückenbaupreis 2008
Renault Future Award
Arthur G. Hayden Medal
Footbridge Awards 2008
Best for Bike
Outstanding Structure Award by the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE)


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The Three countries bridge - the main data

26.09.1996 The idea is born for building a new pedestrian and cycle bridge to directly connect Weil am Rhein and Huningue
20.10.1997 Statement of intent between the town of Weil am Rhein and Huningue to build a bridge
21.12.1999 German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer welcomes the intention to build a bridge as “a useful brick for the European House”and promises to provide as soon as possible for suitable conditions for building it
10.02.2000 Weil am Rhein council unanimously approves building of bridge
22.02.2000 SIPES unanimously approves building of pedestrian and cycle bridge
23.05.2000-22.07.2005 Weil am Rhein building plan procedure
27.03.2001 Communauté de Communes des Trois Frontières takes over all of SIPES’ duties and obligations in order to prepare building of bridge
12.06.2001 “Agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany and the French Republic relating to the construction and maintenance of frontier bridges across the Rhine which do not fall under the Parties’ obligation to construct and maintain” signed at the Freiburg French-German summit
21.06.2001 Public invitation to bridge design competition in Germany and France
19.10.2001 Prize winner: Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner planning team, Berlin, and Feichtinger Architectes, Paris (ARGE LAP/FA)
16.07.2002 Completion of initial design on the basis of the competition
16.01.2003 “Bridge for the citizens Supporters’ Association e.V.” founded in Weil am Rhein
23.12.2003 French kick-off event to mark start of construction
13.10.2004 First Agreement of Cooperation between Communauté des Trois Frontières and Weil am Rhein concluded
10.04.2005- 06.05.2005 Huningue “Enquête Publique” carried out (allows start of construction)
31.05.2005 Europe-wide tender for works
06.10.2005 Award of contract
10.04.2006 Start of construction on the French side of the Rhine
02.05.2006 Cornerstone ceremony at the river bank of Huningue
19.07.2006 Start of steel structure works at the river bank of Huningue
12.11.2006 Float-in of superstructure segments
24.11.2006 End of construction
19.12.2006 Weil am Rhein Council decides and Huningue and Communauté de Communes des Trois Frontières agree to give the name “Three Countries Bridge” to the pedestrian and cycle bridge across the Rhine between Weil am Rhein and Huningue
13.01.2007 Vibration measurements on the bridge – 600 people participate
30.03.2007 Opening to the public
30.06.2007- 01.07.2007 Bridge festival Weil am Rhein / Huningue

Awarding authorities

Town of Weil am Rhein
Communauté de Communes des Trois Frontières


Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes, Paris  


Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner, Berlin
Planungsgemeinschaft ARGE LAP/FA/Weil am Rhein


Max Bögl, Bauunternehmung GmbH, Neumarkt (general contractor)
Sarens GmbH Germany, Düsseldorf (float-in)

Technical data

Length 248 m
Span 229.40 m
Weight 1,000 t
Usable width 5-7 m
Height of arc 26 m (clearance height above water level)

Costs (as of 1 March, 2007)

Construction costs net 7 000 000 Euro
Total costs (gross) 10 000 000 Euro



Land of Baden-Württemberg

2 900 000 Euro

Communauté de Communes des Trois Frontières

2 165 000 Euro

European Union

1 680 000 Euro

Town of Weil am Rhein

1 194 000 Euro

Refund of French Value Added Tax

780 000 Euro

Département Haut-Rhin

706 000 Euro

Région Alsace

425 000 Euro

Ville de Huningue

150 000 Euro


Bridge for the citizens Supporters’ Association e.V.” Weil am Rhein 


125 000 Euro

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