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In particular, Weil am Rhein is worldwide known for its astonishing diversity of architectural attractions. The Three Countries Bridge connects  the two twin towns, Weil am Rhein on the German and Huningue on the French side of the Rhine. With a span of appr. 230 m and a total length of 248 m, it is the longest cantilever pedestrian and cycle bridge in the world.

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Dreiländerbrücke Weil am Rhein (D) – Huningue (F)
(Design: Planungsgemeinschaft Leonhardt Andrä und Partner, Feichtinger
Architectes, 2007)
© Picture: Thomas Dix

The Vitra Campus. Vitra develops and produces furniture and accessories for home, office and public use. The Vitra production site in Weil am Rhein is called the Vitra Campus – a place with international flair. It is home to buildings designed by the architects Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Nicholas Grimshaw, Tadao Ando, Álvaro Siza, SANAA, Herzog & de Meuron, Jean Prouvé, Jasper Morrison and Richard Buckminster Fuller.

Fire Station  (Zaha Hadid, 1993)
© Vitra, Foto: Thomas Dix
Produktionshalle (Alvaro Siza, 1994)
Factory Building (Alvaro Siza, 1994)
© Vitra, Foto: Julien Lanoo 

Balancing Tools (Claes Oldenburg
Balancing Tools (Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen, 1984)
© Vitra, Foto: Andreas Sütterlin

Bushaltestelle (Jasper Morrison, 2006) Tankstelle (Jean Prouvé, 1953/2003)
Bus Stop  (Jasper Morrison, 2006)
© Vitra, Foto: Julien Lanoo
Petrol Station  (Jean Prouvé, 1953/2003)
© Vitra, Foto: Julien Lanoo

Produktionshallen (Nicholas Grimshaw, 1981/1986) Buckminster Fuller Dome (Richard Buckminster Fuller, 1978/2000)
Factory Building
(Nicholas Grimshaw, 1981/1986)
© Vitra, Foto: Julien Lanoo
(Richard Buckminster Fuller, 1975/2000)
© Vitra, Foto: Julien Lanoo

Produktionshalle (SaANAA) Fertigstellung 2010 - Modell
Factory Building (SANAA), 2010 
© Vitra, Foto: Julien Lanoo

The latest addition to the Vitra Campus is the VitraHaus designed by Herzog & de Meuron. It is a new source of inspiration for your home. The building houses the Vitra Home Collection, which features furniture classics and items from contemporary designers. It also has on display a selection of masterpieces from the Vitra Design Museum Collection. Stop by and discover your taste in design! You can find more information about Vitra at

VitraHaus (Herzog & de Meuro, 2010)
VitraHaus (Herzog & de Meuron, 2010)
© Vitra, Foto: Julien Lanoo

The Vitra Design Museum is one of the most important design museums in the world. As an independent cultural institution, its exhibits, workshops and publications are dedicated to the research and communication of historic and current developments within architecture and industrial furniture design. You can find more information about the Vitra Design Museum at
Vitra Design Museum (Frank Gehry, 1989)
Vitra Design Museum (Frank Gehry, 1989)
© Vitra, Foto: Thomas Dix

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The „Hadid Pavillon / LF One“ (Landscape Formation one) is south of the town’s centre in a parkland setting, the DreiLänderGarten (Three Countries Garden). This second spectacular building in Weil am Rhein by architect Zaha Hadid (the first being the “Fire Station” was constructed for the regional Garden Festival “Grün 99” on behalf of the municipality, the organizer of this event.
Guided tours for groups: Please inquire (Phone: +49 7621 4220440).

Hadid Pavillon / LF One (Zaha Hadid. 1999)
Landscape Formation One (Zaha Hadid, 1999)
© Foto: Thomas Dix

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